We can incorporate your brand on almost anything, and pride ourselves on thinking “outside the box” when it comes to give-aways! Everyone has seen the branded mug and pen with the company logo on it. Let us learn about your company and offerings and brainstorm an innovative give-away.

One example that has worked well is to brand a pedometer. You can give them out at the event to attendees and track everyone’s progress on miles walked during the show. Offer a give-away to the highest miles walked. Then you can donate a % to charity. That way people come back to your booth space to log their miles. You can post the amount of total miles and total amount donated. You can create a buzz and have attendees walking all over the show with you logo on their hip! You can also follow-up with everyone after the show with final donations etc. Adding another touch point and reason to contact them after the event.

This is just one example, let us offer a creative solution for you.