Our service includes a strategic approach to storage, ensuring that your event materials are stored in locations that are most convenient and cost-effective for you and your event program. We boast a vast network of trusted storage partners located in every major city across the country. This extensive network guarantees we have comprehensive coverage, enabling us to store your exhibit materials in the most strategic locations, no matter where your events are happening.

Our storage solutions are not just about safekeeping your materials; they’re about intelligent, economic planning for the long-term management and ownership of your exhibit assets. We carefully strategize to minimize your costs and maximize efficiency. For example, if you have a series of shows lined up on the west coast, it doesn’t make financial sense to ship your exhibit materials back and forth across the country. Instead, we would arrange for your exhibit to be stored at a central location relative to your event sites. This approach not only saves on shipping costs but also reduces wear and tear on your exhibit materials, and can significantly streamline your event planning process.