1. Goals: Set company goals and then drill-down to specific show goals. You can even drill-down more and set individual achievement goals for each person working the booth.
  2. Training: Your sales staff may need trained on how to sell on the show floor. It can be far from their comfort zone. You need all of your sales force to be on the same page and same mission. Have a small checklist developed with the questions you need after the show. This way, whoever follows up later can start right where you left off at the event.
  3. Dos/Don’ts: Never eat anything in the booth. Never be on your cell phone, not even to check email. Do, engage everyone with an open ended question. Teach sales the relevant talking points. Roll play and have a kick-off meetings every morning of the show.

We offer booth staff training that will get your show staff productive and on the same page. Some things our training covers are:

Who should you send to the show?
What should their roles be?
Proper Scheduling
Team pre-show meetings
What questions to ask prospect
What is your main mission
Do’s and Don’ts
Give aways that work
Proper Dress
Internal Competition

We have helped teams increase their ROI with one training session, please contact us if you would like more information on training your team.